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20 Questions with Marissa Dubina!!

Over the summer, I had the joy of meeting Marissa Dubina at the Ohio Summer Rendezvous hosted by mutual, homeschooling friends. We easily fell into conversation here and there and shared a few laughs. Marissa is fun, a total sweetheart, and just a bit quirky ;) Which is why she was a perfect candidate to interview for my blog. 

I hope you enjoy 20 Questions, with Marissa Dubina!!

Marissa Joy Dubina; 21; 4-11-89, Canton OH

1) At what age did you develop an interest in reptiles?
Age 5

2) What spurred the interest?
I used to be normal, but you see, my brother was allergic to hair and feathers so it seemed the world of pets was being quenched before my very eyes. However, my passion for animals burned within me and soon a spark in the herpetological world was set ablaze. Ultimately this would ignite and send my future into full fledged scaly conflagration.

3) Which is your favorite reptilian friend and why?
Any answer I give will offend one of my friends (but the answer might be cryptically appear in a later question).

4) What was the first reptile you owned?
A green smooth snake.

5) What did you name it?

6) You do a reptile show. What is it called and how did you get involved in it?
It’s called Realm of the Reptile. I gave my first presentation when I was about 12 years old. It was probably at the request of my cousin or aunt who are both schoolteachers. I also gave a few in-home presentations to homeschoolers. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve been giving in-home presentations for nearly my whole life to practically every visitor that walks through our front door.

7) What all does the show entail?
I arrive and unload about 10 variously sized totes and bags containing the critters that moment later, will be revealed one by one to a young wide-eyed audience. At churches and Christian schools, I begin the show by reading in Genesis 1, and point to the Inventor and Sustainer of Life. Next, children and curious adults meet each animal and learn fun facts about how the critter and about it’s beautiful design. After this brief introduction every person is given the opportunity to touch each animal’s cool, scaly skin before they meet their next reptilian visitor. My desire is to inspire the audience with a fresh perspective on nature and point directly to the Lord, or at least applaud the creatures’ lovely designs, giving attendees no excuse for not realizing that there must be a God.

8) What is your favorite venue you've done your show in to date?
A show I gave at my grandmother’s funeral dinner a couple of months ago. That was unique, defiantly a first.

9) Do you own any non-reptilian pets? If so, what are they and what are their names? 
No, but I do love many other types of creatures.

10) Besides your Reptile Show, you do some very entertaining Bible story reenactments. How did you get started in doing them? 
While attending a CHEO (Christian Home Educators of Ohio), I was able to witness ____ dramatically acting out and quoting the temptation of Christ. His creative mind, and voice inflections were exhilarating. Once the presentation had ended, a homeschool friend of mine turned to me and confessed, “I wish all of the _____ were like this one.” 
“Really?” I thought. “I think I could do this…why not?”

11) On average how long does it take you to script, choreograph, and memorize each Bible story? 
The script, memorization and Choreography are actually a united concept. The script is perfect God-written Scriptures. Memorization is not something I do independently from memorization; it is, in fact, my key to learning. Every story is full of vitality, and it is breathed into me when I allow it to flow out through meaningful reenactment.

12) How many Bible stories have you done to date and what are they and what do you call the "show"? 
Yes, I call it “Living HIStory Dramas.” I’ve only memorized four or five accounts from the Scripture, thus far. Esther was my first, and since then I’ve memorized the book of Jonah, the story of Elijah, the account of the fiery furnace, and the preservation of Moses as an infant.

13) Which is your favorite?  

14) Who or what influenced you to minister in this way?  
My dad saw my Esther presentation and since then encouraged me to share it with others in many diverse settings. At a talent show, I had an elderly lady come up and give me strong instructions. She walked up very close to my face, pointed her finger directly at me and said, “Whenever you have the opportunity to do this, you do it.” I nodded. She repeated, “Whenever you have the opportunity to do this, you do it.” I felt convicted and compelled. It was as if she was the voice of God. I still hold to this commitment that I’ve gave that small little woman who importuned me years ago. One day, in Glory, I’ll let her know, what an impact she had on my life.
15) You enjoy Ultimate Frisbee. Any interesting stories about that? 
Haha yeah, you should read my note title “Beautifully Broken.” If you want to summarize any of that or have me do it, that’s fine with me. Feel free not to include peoples names if you think that might be a good plan. We can discuss it if you’d like.

16) I would describe you as a person who enjoys doing extreme things. What's the most extreme thing you've ever done? 
Rappelling upside down and shark fishing 5 miles out in the ocean in a 14-foot aluminum boat were both exhilarating.

17) It seems everyone has a hidden talent wacky or otherwise. What is yours?  
Well, I enjoy self-defense, and I also love butchering deer.

18) When we met over the summer, I noticed that you seemed pretty close with your parents. What do they, and family in general, mean to you?
They are my loving counselors, providers, adventure partners, spiritual guides, and my heroes. God has blessed me so much more than I deserve.

19) If you were given the opportunity to go back to the beginning of your school career and go to public school instead of home school, would you? Why or Why not? 
Psh!!! OUT OF THE QUESTION!!! I’m a unique girl (I know you’re all shocked) with a very kinesthetic learning style, so I’m really not suited very well to a normal classroom, but thrive given the right conditions. My parents fostered my uniqueness in the greenhouse of their care. I’ve had countless opportunities such as month-long vacation is February, numerous dissection projects, intense fieldtrips, and family relationship building that I never would have fully experienced in a public school. I must remember, though, who are any of us but by the grace of God?

20) What is one word that defines Marissa Dubina? One word that sums you up? Vitality


1) What is your favorite book of the Bible and why?  
Genesis – This is where I learn “In the beginning GOD…” He is the Creator, Sustainer, and Savior. The book of Genesis contains so much essential History, and helps me see how this is all really HISstory.

2) What is your favorite Bible verse and why? 
Psalm 34:1,3 “I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. ….O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.” We need to rejoice in the Lord and bless Him at all times. God created us to ENJOY Him. Enjoying the Lord and exalting Him with other believers is one of the most beautiful things, and such beauty will continue for all eternity!

3) If your house was on fire and you could only grab one item, what would it be? 
My snapping turtle, Snap.

Here are some clips are Marissa's Show:

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