Meet My Family

Otherwise known as my support group.

This is my Dad 

Daddy is a Godly man, amazing husband and father, and wonderful provider. Though I have friends that I would call "best friends" my dad is my best friend of all (Besides my Heavenly Father or course). I adore him. 

Daddy likes to Kayak 
Here he is in Class 4 and 5 rapids in the Adirondacks.
He said he'd never do it again.

He also LOVES to fish.
He caught this big boy (or girl) out of Elk Creek 

 He always knows how to make us laugh
Christmas morning 2011

And Guess What?

Daddy likes to English Country Dance too!  
Our First Annual Christmas Ball 2010 

This is my Mom

Mom is a Godly woman, a wonderful wife and mother, and a keeper-at-home. Despite her health struggles, she still works hard and always strives to do what God would expect of her. 

Mom likes to play the Harp.
She taught herself to play the Celtic Harp and does a beautiful job. 
She also plays with her own group called "Strings Attached"

Mom likes to make everyone laugh too.
Church Fellowship Dinner

 We got Mom hooked on English Country Dancing too!
 Our Christmas Ball

This is my Sister  
She is an Twenty year old Born-Again-Christian and though we don't always get along (all siblings fight, right?), she's a great sister. 

She's a fan of The High Kings too.
Christina with Darren Holden (of THK) in August of 2010

She enjoys amateur photography.
A picture she took last year on Lake Erie

She also studies Classical Guitar and Voice and plays with our best friend and myself in an Irish Trio.
Maple Fest 2010

And YES! She loves English Country Dancing too!
With our bestie, Debbie at our Christmas Ball 2010


"Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows
Fair is the lily of the valley
Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne
But my love is fairer than any."