Friday, December 24, 2010


...TO ALL,

May God keep you and bless you this Christmas Season and in the New Year to come.
With Love,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Story of a Christmas Ball

On Friday December 10, 2010 my family and I had the privileged of hosting a Christmas Ball at the historical Watson-Curtze Mansion in Erie Pennsylvania.

After nearly three months of planning and building anticipation, the night of the ball finally arrived! Dresses and suits were pressed and proper, hair was just so, gloves and capes dawned and all were ready for a night of fun and dancing.

Photo Courtesy of Christina Brown

Photo Courtesy of Christina Brown

The mansion, decorated in festive themes of Christmas, awaited our arrival and the chance to become alive again, as in days of old, with the excitement of a ball.  

Photo Courtesy of Christina Brown

Photo Courtesy of Hannah McMichael
Photo Courtesy of Brandon Pieplow
Photo of Ballroom Courtesy of Brandon Pieplow 

When refreshments were prepared...

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L
Cameras readied...

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L  
 And partners chosen,
the dancing began!!

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Anderson

No partner was too great or too small.

Photo Courtesy of Hanna McMichael

A lovely time was had by all!!

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L

When the dancing had concluded for the evening, many took advantage of their costumes and the location.

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Anderson

"Siblings" - Photo Courtesy of Christina Brown

Photo Courtesy of Christina Brown

Photo Courtesy of Christina Brown
Photo Courtesy of Christina Brown
Photo Courtesy of Christina Brown
Photo Courtesy of Christina Brown
While others took the time to send a message 
to those who were missed.

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L

Time and talent was donated by guests and planners alike and in the end, each and every person helped to make the delightful evening possible. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for affording my family and I the great pleasure we enjoyed that evening. 

A special thank you to our callers -

Anna Ferrar
Photo Courtesy of Brandon Pieplow
 Michaela Ferrar
Photo Courtesy of Brandon Pieplow
 Gabriel Everson
Photo Courtesy of Brandon Pieplow
 Deborah Bates
Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L

The sound guys -

Brandon Pieplow
Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L
 Caleb Pieplow
Photo Courtesy of Brandon Pieplow

We really could not have done it without you all.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

P.S. Here are some videos provided by the lovely Katharine Davis. THANKS KATE!!

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Michelle L

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

20 Questions With: Gabriel Isaac Everson

This past summer I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with one Gabriel Isaac Everson, at a Homeshcool Alumni function we were both attending. His musical abilities and the fact that he wears a kilt at all times, intrigued me. Gabe also proved to be an excellent dancer and patient teacher. His kindness and gentlemanly attitude shown through to all present. I find Gabe to be one of the most unique people I've ever met, so I thought it only appropriate that he should be the first of my interviewees!

1) When did you start wearing a kilt and why?
Well I started wearing a kilt many years ago when I was a wee lad after reading about the great Scottish heroes Wallace and Bruce, and also several books about the Protestant Covenanters.

2) How many kilts do you own?
Right now I own 7ish kilts (some are moving on and I've got one in the making.)

3) I understand that you make kilts. How long is the process?
Well to make a traditional hand stitched kilt it usually takes around 20 hours of work. With my machine stitched kilts I can usually accomplish it in around 10 hours.

4) What does it entail?
Making a tailored kilt is an involved process that starts with the laying out and the stitching of the pleats I then move to basting and shaping the pleats. After removing some of the bulk from the stitched portion of the kilt I sew interfacing in by hand. After interfacing and finishing the facing edges of the aprons, I add buckles and straps and finish it out with hand stitched lining.

5) How many kilts have you made to date?
I've made over 40 kilts to date.

6) You have a great love of and talent for music. When did you start playing the bagpipes?
I started playing the practice chanter February 2010 I got my first set of pipes some Scottish smallpipes in April. I have been playing the Highland Pipes since late June/early July.

7) I once heard playing the bagpipes described as trying to blow up a football with a bunch of holes in it. Would you say that is an accurate description?
Well, once the reeds are humming they help slow down the escape of air from the bag I haven't ever tried to blow up a football with or without holes though so I really can't say.

8) How many other instruments do you play and what are they?
I play penny whistles and Baroque Recorders (don't ask me to play the piano even though I did for two years...)

9) Do you read music or play by ear?
I pretty much only play by ear, God gave me the gift of being able to quickly and easily pick up tunes once I hear them so I have not yet put in the effort to learn to read music properly.

10) Outside of the music you play, what is your favorite genre?
Hmm... Hard to say I really enjoy Film soundtracks for their emotional power and depth but there are quite a few classical orchestral pieces that I like pretty much as well. I enjoy some of the various hymns of the faith as well as the music of Robin Mark a Christian songwriter in Ireland.

11) Ok, REALLY important question....Which of The High Kings is your favorite?
Well I can't say as I've never met them but I usually find myself drawn to the older men (in most cases) I don't even know the names of the HKs sorry. :( I do enjoy their music though. :)

12) It's well known in our circle of friends, that you are quite the dancer. How did you get into dancing?
Oh dancing... Well I grew up believing it was inherently flawed and/or sinful But in the past years the Lord has led us to accept dance and to use it for his glory as well as to enjoy it in social settings. I first got into dancing in 2007 with Restored to Glory a Christian dance ministry in Fort Wayne Indiana.

13) How many different forms of dancing have you learned?
I have learned some modern/lyrical ballet, Scottish Country, English Country and (as of this year) Irish step dancing. The modern ballet included some jazz and a number of different styles all incorporated into choreographed performance dance.

14) Which is your favorite?
I probably enjoy Scottish Country dancing the most because it's challenging and vigorous.

15) Besides your kilt making and bagpiping, you also work on independent films. What is your job on the set?
On set I have had many jobs from Set AD (communications and crowd control) to props, costuming and set dressing.

16) How many films have you worked on to date?
I have worked on four feature films as well as some shorts and a tv pilot.

17) What is your favorite genre of film?
I enjoy adventure stories that take place in historical or fictional eras best.

18) Do you have an overall favorite film?
I do not have an overall favorite film there are a few that I like above others for various reasons but none of them merit the place of favorite.

19) Any aspirations to direct a film of your own?
I do intend to direct a film of my own although I feel more called to Producing and Production Design.

20) One word that sums you up as a person?


1) What is your favorite book of the Bible and why?
My favorite book of the Bible is... always changing, right now I'm memorizing the Psalms which I love.

2) What is your favorite Bible verse and why?
Verse, well one that is a favorite of mine in recent times has been Proverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge Him, (God) and He shall direct thy paths.

3) If your house was on fire and you could grab only one item, what would it be?
Probably a sibling... :)

Piping in VA from Gabriel Everson on Vimeo.

Sometimes, It's Hard To Be Thankful

The Holiday season has arrived, rung in by Thanksgiving Day!

    Every year I look forward to this time of year. The anticipation of whether or not the snow will come, that is if it hasn't come already. The arrival of family and close friends. The smell of the Turkey, and my favorite, the stuffing! But most of all, listing off all the things that I am truly thankful for, and praising God for each and everyone of them

   To be honest however, I wasn't entirely sure I was looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, or that I'd even have anything, in my heart, to be thankful for. You see, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, my Aunt, Angela. C. Jannuzzi passed away after a long and difficult battle with a rare and severe form of Breast Cancer. That Monday and Tuesday were taken up with the viewing and funeral. Wednesday, I wasn't even sure I felt like going to church, let alone preparing for another Thanksgiving! But I pushed through.

   Thoughts and memories of all the amazing times we'd shared together flooded my mind. Making wish lists for Christmas, laughing with her over my little cousin's antics. Days at the malls, summers at the beach, falls in the park, and winters sledding. They made me sad to remember, yet happy to have had. And then I realized what I had to be thankful for!

   I was thankful that she was my Aunt, a wonderful, kind, loving, and selfless person. I was thankful that God gave her a son, my younger cousin. I was thankful that her suffering was over. But most of all, I was thankful for the twenty-one years I had been able to know her. I was thankful for all the times we'd shared together and I was thankful for the memories.

   Thanksgiving Day came and went with many blessings and many more things to be thankful for. We celebrated the birthdays of my cousin, 10 and fiancee, 22 . Though  it had it's hard moments, over all, it was a blessed and enjoyable day. That is how my Aunt would have wanted it. And for that I am thankful.

In loving memory of 
Angela C. Jannuzzi
 Rest In Peace


Monday, November 15, 2010

Prayer Request

Hello Friends!!
   I had planned to do so much more with this blog by now, but have found myself unable to, due to recent developments in my Aunt Angela's health. As some of you may or may not know, a year ago in January, we found out that she had Inflammatory Breast Cancer, a rare and aggressive form of the disease. It is often not discovered until it's too late to really do much about it. My Aunt was diagnosed when the Cancer penetrated the skin. She was fortunate, after a long and hard battle, to have beat the Cancer. But two months ago it came back. Her fight began all over again, yet she remained strong. Having had a double mastectomy during her first bout with the disease, she developed Lymphedema, which rendered her right arm practically paralyzed. She is currently undergoing physical therapy to help alleviate some of the pain pertaining to the condition. Being right handed, she had to begin to learn to eat and write with her left hand, a feat she is still trying to master. But still she never lost hope. The latest came when her treatment began to cause fluid to form around her lungs. A few weeks ago, she went into the hospital to have the fluid drained. A few days later, when her breathing became even more labored then it had been previously, they decided to put in a chest tube so that they could drain the fluid more easily. During this procedure, the doctors discovered that one of her lungs had collapsed. She was then put on a ventilator. She's been in the ICU now for almost two weeks. Last Saturday she came off the ventilator, which was an AMAZING answer to prayer, since some of the nurses had begun to tell us that she might never accomplish that. Despite the fact that she is off the ventilator and breathing mostly on her own, she is on 10 Liters of Oxygen. We are working on getting her to a clinic where she can receive better care and ultimately beat the Cancer again, if it be God's will. But there are two things standing in our way. The first is that she must be at least 50% mobile in order to be transferred to one of these clinics, and the second is, that we need to find a clinic that accepts her insurance. Please, please pray that both of these things will be accomplished in a timely manner. The Cancer is progressing quickly and her prognoses is grim. But we know with prayers and support that God can work in this situation if He so chooses.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Dear Friends,
    I have just realized, that in my blog introduction, I was remise in giving credit to the designer. And thus, SHAME ON ME!! My lovely, darling Michaela Ferrar designed this AMAZING blog for me. Without this wonderful gal, I wouldn't even have this blog.
All my love and praise!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Introduction

As you probably know if you've read the "About Me" section on my blog here, I am 21 years old, a Christian, engaged to be married to my childhood sweetheart and I love my life. Growing up I was steeped in classical music and at the tender age of 10, was introduced to Traditional Irish Music. Since then I've had a deep, profound love for the culture and its music. I am a strong believer in keeping Irish Music traditional. There is nothing I detest more then the ruination of traditional music. I not only "preach" traditional music, I perform it with my sister and best friend. A few years back, we formed a group called The Bella Minstrels (or beautiful traveling players). It has been our joy and supreme pleasure to bring traditional Irish and American folk music to those who still appreciate such things. Given my love for and involvement in Irish music, it only seemed proper that I should name my blog after a well known and much beloved Irish song.Which one though? There were so many wonderful titles to choose from. But when I heard The High Kings (if you have read the "about me" you will also know that they are my favorite Irish music group) performing "Red Is The Rose", I knew what the name must be.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce my blog "Red is The Rose". 
I hope no matter how frequent, or infrequent my posts may be, you will always enjoy them and derive some bit of joy, great or small, from my words.
"Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows
Fair is the lily of the valley
Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne
But my love is fairer than any."