Monday, November 15, 2010

Prayer Request

Hello Friends!!
   I had planned to do so much more with this blog by now, but have found myself unable to, due to recent developments in my Aunt Angela's health. As some of you may or may not know, a year ago in January, we found out that she had Inflammatory Breast Cancer, a rare and aggressive form of the disease. It is often not discovered until it's too late to really do much about it. My Aunt was diagnosed when the Cancer penetrated the skin. She was fortunate, after a long and hard battle, to have beat the Cancer. But two months ago it came back. Her fight began all over again, yet she remained strong. Having had a double mastectomy during her first bout with the disease, she developed Lymphedema, which rendered her right arm practically paralyzed. She is currently undergoing physical therapy to help alleviate some of the pain pertaining to the condition. Being right handed, she had to begin to learn to eat and write with her left hand, a feat she is still trying to master. But still she never lost hope. The latest came when her treatment began to cause fluid to form around her lungs. A few weeks ago, she went into the hospital to have the fluid drained. A few days later, when her breathing became even more labored then it had been previously, they decided to put in a chest tube so that they could drain the fluid more easily. During this procedure, the doctors discovered that one of her lungs had collapsed. She was then put on a ventilator. She's been in the ICU now for almost two weeks. Last Saturday she came off the ventilator, which was an AMAZING answer to prayer, since some of the nurses had begun to tell us that she might never accomplish that. Despite the fact that she is off the ventilator and breathing mostly on her own, she is on 10 Liters of Oxygen. We are working on getting her to a clinic where she can receive better care and ultimately beat the Cancer again, if it be God's will. But there are two things standing in our way. The first is that she must be at least 50% mobile in order to be transferred to one of these clinics, and the second is, that we need to find a clinic that accepts her insurance. Please, please pray that both of these things will be accomplished in a timely manner. The Cancer is progressing quickly and her prognoses is grim. But we know with prayers and support that God can work in this situation if He so chooses.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hello, my name is Camille and I got your link from Anna's blog (Ooooooh la la). I am sending tons of prayers your way! My grandmother had stage 4 breast cancer about 5 years ago, we thought she wouldn't make it, but by God's amazing grace she did! She has been cancer free since then (although she had to get her breast amputated). My family and I are praying for your aunt and also for you and your family as you go through this difficult time!



  2. Camile, thank you for your comments. I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. Things have been crazy. Unfortunately we lost her last Saturday. But I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure they helped.



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Fair is the lily of the valley
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