Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Stuff of Legend

(my tickets came today!!)

If you are unfamiliar with The High Kings, then stick around and meet the Lads!!

Finbar Clancy
 Finbar is the son of folk singer Bobby Clancy and nephew of the famous Clancy Brothers

Martin Furey
 Son of the famous Irish Piper and Singer Finbarr Furey

Darren Holden
 Star of Broadway's "Moving Out" and "Riverdance"

And last, but certainly not least,
my personal favorite

Brian Dunphy
Son of famous singer Sean Dunphy

Last August, my best friend Deborah, my sister Christina, close friends Anna and Michaela and myself went to see The High Kings. We had been fans of them for some time and getting to see them in concert was completely UNREAL! 

"The Lads" as we so enjoy calling them, were fabulous on stage. Extreme talent!! And why wouldn't they be, coming from legendary families of Irish music, such as the Clancy Brothers and Finbarr Furey.
After the show, we had the opportunity to meet the Lads and get their autographs.
They're truly, kind and genuine gentlemen and were a great pleasure to meet.
We can't wait to meet them again on March 4, 2011!!

The High Kings were awarded the Irish Music Award for the Best Group in Ireland in America in 2008 and 2009 and the award was more then deserved. Their second Album, Memory Lane has just gone Platinum. 

Their debut album is available on their website @ and Memory Lane goes on sale in the US on March 8, 2011, during which time they will be touring the US. If you have the opportunity to see them in concert, SEIZE IT!! You won't regret it.
Here's a few wee samplings of their lovely Irish sound.

They truly are Stuff of Legend


  1. I LOVE the High Kings! What a great opportunity to see them live in concert! How I envy you the fun and excitement!
    My favorite "High King" is Finbar but they all have such amazing voices and talent! :)

    ~Miss Laurie
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  2. Hey Miss Laurie
    Yes, it's going to be a fabulous time. They were so sweet and obliging last time we met them. They're all on facebook and we've struck up a personal friendship with Darren and Martin, as they're the ones that are on the most. I don't think Fin checks his much. But he's a jolly gem, as are they all. If you get the chance to go to a concert, GO!! lol

    Thanks for commenting!!


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